Get Organized! Master Paper & Technology

Get Organized! Master Paper & Technology

Do you feel like Superman but when you get around technology it turns into kryptonite? Do you become weak and frustrated?  Do you sometimes feel powerless over technology? Do you need organization? Tamara has found the antidote to cure you!

Do you have more than ten business cards on your desk right now?  If so, I’m talking to you!  The average person spends ten hours a week looking for information; that means you had a note on a piece of paper and maybe you scanned it into your computer but it’s also in a pile somewhere.  Or maybe you have a phone number on a business card but that card is at your office and you now have to search online for that persons contact info.  Ten hours a week!  We’ve heard from the Time Management experts, “Check your email twice a day, touch that piece of paper once.”  Yikes!  “I have that piece of paper and I’ve been holding it for two hours—um where did I put it? Oh I bought the organizational system for papers but now I’m so organized (too organized) I can’t find that one piece of paper that I touched once and I need to touch it again, but I can’t find it!”

Any full-time sales person should be making 40-100 dials a day, but lets face it, only a handful of sales professionals do that. So, we have to be more realistic.  Same thing with managing our time, checking email twice a day. It’s unrealistic and it ends up slowing people down, unless of course, you are the type of person that doesn’t need this class.

Time is emotional and until you learn to master your internal demons and practice certain daily disciplines, I’m afraid you will remain stuck.  Personally, I have struggled with time management/organization and that’s probably why I am so obsessed with it.  If you don’t know how to manage your time, other people rule your schedule, and you struggle to find information.

You MUST sign up for this 3 hour workshop.  If you are thinking,  “Gee I don’t know what I will be doing that day,” and you wait to see what client might need you, I’m afraid you are falling into the trap of a “victim.”  You must take control of your time and manage your clients in a more systematic, professional manner.  Take back the control of your day and your time!

Get Organized – Master Paper & Technology …


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