Create positive first impressions-Remember names - Tamara Bunte

Create positive first impressions – Remember names

Are you great at remembering names?  If not, you are in the right place!  Are some people just born with a good memory or are you just a face person but can’t remember names?

Either way, anyone can be great at remembering names it they train their brain correctly.  As it’s been said, a student is only as good as the teacher can teach!  Why is it that in a class-room some students exceed and other don’t?  I would argue that the teacher is to blame.  Not everyone receives information the same way, but once you learn techniques on how to take an A or D student through proven techniques on how to learn, you will know the secret to creating behavior change.  Can you go to the grocery store without a list and remember each item?  If not it’s not because you just forgot it’s because you used a memory system that fails.  Learn how to remember every item on your grocery list and how to remember anyone’s name!  Yes, it’s easy and fun!

  • How to be awesome at remembering names
  • Salesmanship – What it takes to impress an audience with memory techniques
  • How to control your energy or vibe that others feel from you
  • Making an impression – How to get your phone to ring

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