Dealing With Difficult People - Tamara Bunte

Dealing With Difficult People

Do you have someone in your life that irritates you?  Are there several?  Do you wonder why God created anyone to be so difficult sometimes?  Perhaps there is a strategy to bring out the best in people!  What if you knew exactly how to draw out the best in someone?  What if you had the control to avoid arguments and bickering?

 I’ve been told early on in my career that you are never paid what you are worth; you are paid based on how well you negotiate. So, I would ask you, what are you negotiating in your life? Are you settling for a relationship that you know isn’t really that great for the sake of a warm body and a full calendar? Are you negotiating (Trading time for money) even though you hate what you are doing? Are you settling for a lazy body because you’ve failed at every diet and thus gave up? Maybe you’re negotiating on someone’s faults and not recognizing their value and dialoging over meaningless things like how to survive and not thrive.  At my yoga class this week the instructor said something profound. She said if you couldn’t breathe and smile at the same time, pull out of the pose. Sometimes in pulling yourself out of a stressful situation you can gain more perspective.  Learn how to breath and smile in ALL situations!

  • Learn why customers quit
  • Learn how to disagree agreeably and get anybody to like you
  • Learn how to build even stronger relationships
  • Learn how to inspire people to become the best version of themselves
  • Learn how to influence even the most difficult of personalities
  • Learn how to turn a negative situation around to win an argument!

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