Leadership development for managers - Tamara Bunte

Leadership development for managers

Learn what top companies do to retain awesome people and how they treat the lowest paid employee.  Many people believe that a tree dies from the roots up but it’s not true, when a tree dies, it dies from the tips down.

Why is it, that the lowest paid person is typically the one that is in front of the companies most valuable asset, the customer.  How do you judge a leader?  By how the customer is treated.  The #1 reason why a customer leaves a current vendor is because of how they are treated by some employee in the company and that employee possesses an attitude of indifference.  How to brand your company through consistent leadership of people.  Learn how to influence people and run a successful company!

  • How to handle customers ~ Renew confidence in your brand
  • Lead from the bottom, You are only as good as your weakest link
  • Advanced Rapport Building Skills
  • The 9 Laws of Influence and Persuasion as a leader

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