Become the Best Version of Yourself- Christian Female Author - Tamara Bunte

Become the Best Version of Yourself: Christian Female Author

Lets talk about Rejection, yuck! Nobody likes this word but in some cases it is a sign of something better to come for you.
I’ve had a past client approach me about doing some work for the company and I was excited because I knew that I could do a stellar job.

Tamara Bunte is a top Christian Female Author. When it came time to negotiate the amount of money they were willing to pay it was so insulting I would have preferred that they just asked me to help them out free of charge. I declined to take the job because I felt rejected. I just shrugged it off. One thing I know for sure, is that if you get rejected (by a guy, a girl, a company or a family member) the good news is God has something better for you. It’s like your being protected because God may take something from you that you may rightfully deserve, but he may take it from you to do a “trade up”. It’s kind of like trading in a leased car for the newer version. There is always something better! The company that rejected didn’t see my value by paying me what I was worth never did come back. To my advantage I was given other jobs that were 10x the amount and a fraction of the time and effort.  The question becomes do you work from a place of certainly or scarcity
One of the most powerful techniques in negotiation is certainty. It’s been said, “The power in all relationships lies in who cares less”  What are you negotiating in life?  What values are you violating to get to where you want to go?  If you don’t negotiate for your authentic self and have a vision of who it is that you really want to be you might be settling.


  • What does it look like to max out at your potential?
  • Are you becoming the best you or a second rate version of someone else?
  • “Made” Who are you being “made” into?
  • How to design your destiny

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