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Get Organized –Master Paper & Technology!

Do you have more than ten business cards on your desk right now?  If so, I’m talking to you!

The average person spends ten hours a week looking for information; that means you had a note on a piece of paper and maybe you scanned it into your computer but it’s also in a pile somewhere.  Or maybe you have a phone number on a business card but that card is at your office and you are on the road so now you have to search online for that persons contact info.  Ten hours a week! We’ve heard from the Time Management experts, “Check your email twice a day, touch that piece of paper once.” Yikes!  “I have that piece of paper and I’ve been holding it for two hours—um where do I put it? Oh I bought the organizational system for papers but now I’m so organized (too organized) I can’t find that one piece of paper that I touched once and I need to touch it again, but I can’t find it!”

  • The Eight time management musts for your eight-hour day!
  • Where to put business cards and how to find them
  • Reduce paperwork fatigue-learn how to stop feeling overwhelmed
  • Reduce anxiety! Time is emotional – how to work with your energy cycles


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