Proverbs for Selling - Christian Woman Speaker -Tamara Bunte

Proverbs for Selling – Christian Women Speaker

Jesus was and still is the best salesman – It’s time for us to learn from the best so that we can lead even more people to the best, Jesus!  Proverbs instructs us on wisdom principles but what makes it so unique is that if you break the word Proverbs into two words, we have “Pro” and “Verbs.”  A verb is a word used to describe an action, state, or occurrence.  Therefore, the entire book of Proverbs is about applied knowledge which is all about taking action.  We must be pro-active in our efforts. Christian woman speaker, Tamara Bunte’s faith talk will inspire you!

“Pro” + “Verbs”  (Pro-Actions) = Wisdom

Proverbs tells us very clearly that hard work brings profits and that mere talk leads only to poverty.  Wisdom teaches us how to use consistent intelligent action, not just work hard and hope to build our ministry.  Just because we’re moving does not mean we’re making progress.  By learning how to be intentional and apply wisdom to our Jesus strategies, we become skilled in our work.

  • Renew your spirit and grow your faith
  • Learn how to cold call for Jesus – 3 easy ways to build new friendships
  • Master the 7 principles of Godly wisdom to implement into your ministry
  • Pro-Verbs wisdom – How to become the best version of yourself

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