Raise performance standards-How to Recruit - Tamara Bunte

Raise performance standards-How to Recruit

Recruiting – A hot topic for most companies, how do you attract top talent?  Learn the secrets to have potential recruits knock on your door!

How to raise performance standards where the motivation comes from the team member and not by micro-managing.  We all love accountability whether we admit it or not.  If you see a police officer on the side of the road, are you more likely to slow down?  If you are having a dinner party, do you tidy up? Learn how to create inner drive and accountability.  Learn how to coach for higher performance and reduce the downtime of frustration that can plaque us all.

  • Create systems and structure to raise expectations
  • The gap between expectation and reality = Frustration
  • Attracting top talent – What your company must have in place
  • How to have accountability without resentment or micro-managing


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