Keynote Speaker - Tamara Bunte -Motivational Sales Speaker


Proverbs for Selling

Tamara is known for her keynote speaking and presentation on a variety of subjects but her most well known keynote speaking presentations are on Mastering Sales through Prospecting, Referrals & Discipline

Keynote Speaking Points

  • Ask and obtain vertical referrals…The classy way
  • Execute their sales strategy to close more deals
  • Implement the 7 secrets of selling to influence buyers

Takeaway Message

Inspire your sales team to take consistent, intelligent action to build their prospecting pipeline.  They will learn how to take a classier approach to prospecting new clients and follow-up skills to actually get call backs.  This presentation is all about having an execution strategy that will build your business!

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How to Define & Locate your Targets

Key Points

  • Know who to call, when to call and what to say to win business
  • Ask smarter questions that lead to prospects deciding and buying
  • Don’t become a professional visitor.   Establish value so your prospects invite you in for a meeting

Takeaway Message

Who do you contact after you’ve called all of your sales leads?  How do you organize your contacts so you can close more sales?  Learn how to position yourself to find qualified leads and make more money!


How to leverage & multiply your sales

Key points

  • Position yourself to be referred up and make the client excited about referring you.
  • Learn how to get a 100% call back rate on referral business
  • Create a referral form and triple your business 

Takeaway Message

Do you know how to influence your clients to persuade their friends to buy from you?  Learn to gain leverage so that referring you becomes their burning desire.


Invest in your future

Key Points

  • Nine ways to change behavior for optimal performance
  • Turn knowledge into action – max out at your potential
  • Incorporate power words – learn influence techniques to control the emotions of your clients 

Takeaway Message

Learn to create a future worth living for and unlock the mental distractions that hold us back from becoming the best version of ourselves.

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