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Cold Calling – How to Set Appointments

Have you heard the good news!  If you are in sales and you “don’t believe in cold calling” you might be losing out on a lot of money.  Too many sales gurus say that cold calling is dead and the truth is they just don’t want to do it.

How do you help a sales person who is striving for 100,000 dollars a year – but he doesn’t get leads from his company. What does he do all day?  Well of course, calling on past and current clients, asking for referrals, is the first place to start, that is basic to sales training because “one” referral is equivalent to “fifteen” cold calls.  But what do you do after you’ve called all of your clients?  Networking, of course that is good too, but then you actually have to follow-up with whomever you met. Sales Training will usually identify that roughly Seventy-five percent of sales people never even follow up one time with a prospect. So if you are struggling financially, you MUST cold call, I mean, ”Make new friends!”

  • Where to find viable leads-How to follow the money
  • Sales Statistics-How and when to follow-up with leads
  • Become more resourceful- Create a prospecting system
  • Economy proof your business – decide the size of your paycheck
  • How to win an appointment through cold calling


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