Mastering Influence-Close the Sale - Tamara Bunte

Mastering Influence-Close the Sale

Someone is always selling someone.  The question is are your sales people selling prospects on doing business with your company or are the prospects selling your sales team on their objections?

The average sales person has to overcome at least 5 objections before someone will buy, but are your sales people good enough to win the business?  Or are they trained as order takers?  A sales person is defined as a person that can sell someone something that they don’t need, want or necessarily have in their budget.  An order taker is someone that facilitates a sale that would have occurred anyway.  Which are you?  Learn how to get people to sign on the dotted line and enjoy winning in sales!

  • Do you have 5 closes that you use to earn business today?
  • Learn the art of closing – leading a prospect to making a decision to buy
  • Learn how to write your own closes using influence techniques


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