The Collection - Tamara Bunte

The Collection


Get Tamara’s entire collection and save! The Collection includes Tamara’s book Proverbs For Selling, Make Even More Money (4 CD Set), Stop Stressing (2 CD Set), Just Cuz Cards (2 packs of 10), Preview CD and The Golden Book of Sales Wisdom.
Join the growing list of clients who have reinforced Tamara’s message and invested in their people by providing them with a personalized copy of her latest book.

“Congratulations on the book. It is brilliant & beautiful & I love it. It’s one of the best books on selling I’ve ever read.”Dr. Kevin Hogan International Bestselling author of The Psychology of Persuasion

Volume discounts are not automatically deducted from online purchases. Please make a note in the Comments section of the online order form that you are taking advantage of the volume discount. We will then make the deduction for you. To place your Group Discount order, please call 704-247-8333.

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