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Speaking Testimonials

“The Soldiers that were able to take lessons learned and apply to the real world attribute an increase in referrals, callbacks, improved prospecting analysis, confidence at accomplishing these tasks and, most importantly, improved their quality of life.”

MSG (R) Michael J.Dupre, The United States Army


Great job today. We had a lot of fun. We took a bus to our two facilities today and the talk during the bus ride was a discussion around the techniques you showed us. You were a big hit.

Thanks again!”


Mark DeSandre
Vice President Sales & Marketing

“We hired Tamara as the Keynote speaker for our company’s Annual Meeting, and she shared some applicable ways our staff can provide great customer service. She had the team actively engaged in learning, and everyone walked away ready to put what they learned into practice. We also hired Tamara to help us develop some internal documents to improve our overall customer service and sales. These documents included a custom referral form and referral tracking spreadsheet, as we did not already have a referral program in place. We obtained 65 referrals from staff in our first quarter and closed 10 of them, resulting in $27,000 of gross revenue. By year end, we obtained 228 referrals, closed 75, and had gross sales of $122,288.89, with another $12,000 about to come in! Each year our revenue has increased! The results would not have been this good without a proactive plan to build our business. Thank you Tamara!”

Phil Henderson, President, Henderson Properties

“Tamara has a natural ability to connect with the audience and make an immediate impact that it is possible to strengthen one’s sales skills. With her expertise in training, complemented by her dynamic personality, Tamara will provide business professionals with the tools they need to drive sales.”

Christina Thigpen, Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Bissell Companies

“Tamara has specialized training that you do not find in most trainers. She is an expert on interpreting eye and body movements to help determine a customer’s interest. She is also skilled in finding ways to get more referrals and callbacks from prospects. She shares these ideas which can help individuals be even more effective. 

Following that training, morale and sales increased. The experienced team, which could be highly skeptical of new approaches, all praised Tamara and what they learned from her.

It is rare to find a trainer that can impact very experienced personnel by understanding their needs and tailoring a program to make them even better. All the while, doing so with a great attitude. Tamara is the best. I will continue to use her for all my future training needs.”

Greg Elias, Vice President of Sales – Halozyme Therapeutics

“Many thanks to the committee for providing an UPLIFTING speaker today. Came back from lunch light hearted and enjoying LIFE – very unusual in our business!! Thanks again for all the association does for the Industry.”

Annette Oliver
JAS Forwarding (USA), Inc.

“Tamara’s teachings are superior to most that I have experienced. She is polished, succinct and right on. She is prepared to deliver results in an inspiring and motivational approach. Your team or yourself will see things in a new light after Tamara delivers the goods.”

Rhonda Duffy – Owner, Duffy Realty of Atlanta

“Tamara, just wanted to let you know that you were outstanding today.  I don’t thing I have received so much positive feedback for any other speakers that we have had.”

Daniel Zupco President, IFF CBA

“Finally meeting you in person was the start of my excitement. Awesome Presentation!  This lady know her stuff…invest in your future…Invest in her!”

Babette Cauble, CEO, Every Woman Can Be Inc.

“Tamara Bunte has spoken to GaREIA in the past AND was a huge hit with our toughest critics, DEAL MAKERS on Wednesday. A few of our deal makers already asked her to come back.

Tamara would be awesome general meeting speaker that might replace a panel discussion. She could also do a webinar and has several half and full day events for a Saturday class. Information on Tamara her company, and her classes, is below. Deal Makers loves her and Tamara also gets my highest personal rating.”

Jeff Frank, President

Coaching Testimonials

“I hired Tamara for coaching. Within the first 3 months, I jumped from 3 active clients to 29.”

Shamra VanArk – HF Financial

“Through Tamara’s coaching program I was able to increase my sales by 50% during the slowest months of the real estate season. I became conscience of my inactivity. I really thought I was doing more. Tracking my hourly & daily activities helped me increase my money producing activity.”

Zanthia Hastings Remax Executive 

“Tamara is a breath of fresh air! I now feel and believe that I will achieve mega success because she showed me how to open up new doors that I never thought was possible. I took her 2/day class and hired her for one-on-one coaching and the fruit of my labor with her direction is paying off. Just today I received two new loans from a cold call I made because she taught me how to pick up the phone and build relationships with top producers.”

Tony Garshnick – Fairway Independent Mortgage

Training Testimonials

“I’ve been in the mortgage business for the past 12 years but my loan volume for the first two months of 2016 was only $375K. In the last 6-weeks since her class, I made 164 dials got 17 referrals and set 17 appointments and locked $1.8 million in loan volume!  Needless to say, her class proved to be the key to turning my business around.”

Brady Drummond – Ryan Atlantic Bay Mortgage

“This was an eye opening, wowing, emotional experience I will never forget.” 

Chris Cicchinelli – CEO, Pure Romance 

“Our two-day training session with Tamara was wonderful, very productive, and unlike any other training we offer as a firm. We learned how to:

  1. Skyrocket our calling efficiency. Each person’s number of dials per 30 minutes should dramatically improve.
  2. Improve our language on the phone, both with voice mails and with live prospects.
  3. Ask powerful questions immediately when making contact with a prospect in order to create perceived value in the prospect’s mind. These powerful questions separate us from the rest of the industry, who is calling simply to “schedule a time to get together to talk about what I do.”
  4. Get through gatekeepers quickly and effectively
  5. Leave voice mails effectively in order to generate a high call-back ratio
  6. What to say on the 1st, 2nd….6th…9th…and 12th voice mails–and everywhere in between.
  7. Train yourself to love prospecting
  8. Close more effectively
  9. Organize every single contact we have so that we can very easily manage them, put together a marketing plan, and prospect efficiently
  10. How to get referrals. In front of the whole group, I called two current clients and got 4 referrals on the spot because of Tamara’s training.

Just thought you’d like to know that it was well worth our time and money. Thanks for all that you guys do!”

John Scott – Consolidated Planning

“Because I began making many, many calls each day.  I have found 4 new buyers that can purchase homes in the 1-2 million range.”

Lynn Norman  – New South Realty

“In my former life, I owned a training company that was designed exclusively for the hospitality industry, and Tamara was one of the best, most practical trainers I’ve seen. There was no fluff, just excellent take aways. In fact, the group has come together and booked her for an 8-week workshop already.

With that said, she would be an excellent resource for your group.”

Brad Smith – Well Fargo

“Tamara’s course has been a great asset to my business and my personal life.  Because of her course I have achieved my 8 – week goal of $40,000 I would suggest that anyone who wants to be more successful in business take her class”

Steven Mueller – Keller Williams

Tamara, I wanted to share the GOOD NEWS with you about our success with cold calling. Before we met you, our team was not cold calling on a consistent basis. We were also not hitting our monthly production sales goal consistently. Since your class, we’ve seen on average a 50% increase in our production goals year over year (2014/2015).

Maggie Will – Sales Retention Director Charlotte Chamber

“Changing our voicemail scripting alone has proven to be an immediate success. My callback rate has never been higher,  and  I’ve landed several deals from the callbacks this week alone. I feel so much more confident, and am already seeing proven success.  My hat’s off to Tamara”

Addison Lessing – Business Development Get Spiffy, Inc.

“I was hesitant to take Tamara’s class because I knew what i needed to do but truth be told I just didn’t want to do it.  When I finally signed up she really took my business to the next level.  She made me make the hard calls!  She knew exactly what to do to help me build my business.  During the 3rd class she had me call a prospect that inquired about buying a house 4 years ago that I had never followed up on.  I was a little nervous, as i felt a bit embarrassed but she showed me exactly how to do it in a classy way and it just so happened that the prospect needed my services and I just closed on their property.  I made a commission of $7,200.  Tamara’s class investment was way worth it!”

John McClave – Keller Williams Realty

“I decided to take Tamara’s Prospecting  Mastery Class and because of doing everything she teaches I was able to obtain 2 additional clients the very first month of using her techniques that I, otherwise; would have completely missed had I not taken her course.  My 30+ years of sales experience was telling me one thing but her technique’s helped me close these and many more accounts since.  Do yourself a favor and don’t miss out on learning some excellent techniques that you have never been exposed to.  Her techniques work and she teaches in a way that you can use what you learn immediately.” 

Jeff Todd – Financial Services Professional

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