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Prospecting Mastery Class – Dialing for Dollars

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Objective: Train and enable professional salespeople to increase productivity through enhanced sales skills. This class is two 7-hour sessions that meets over two consecutive days and has been created to provide tools and strategies for individuals & teams to enjoy using the phone to build new business. It’s time to get, retain and obtain even more business!  Start prospecting, get Organized, create a system for your business, Learn how to make 10 dials in less than 30 minutes and watch the money roll in.

Day #1  

  • Sales Statistics and influence strategies – The system for success in sales (daily disciplines).
  • Learn how to ask and obtain new clients from referral sources (the classy way).
  • What you must do to obtain multiple vertical referrals and never pay or beg for a referral again!
  • Telephone skills – How to close for an appointment and how to leave compelling voicemails. (What you must do to have a 96% call back rate).
  • Learn what questions to ask to get invited in for an appointment. How to earn new business rather than just obtain the “low lying fruit.” –How to build trust with everyone you meet!
  • How to organize your leads and contacts and identify your objectives for each phone call.
  • Create a follow-up structure ~what do you say on the 4th voicemail? When & how to follow-up.
  • Group “Call Time” What does it look like, sound like and feel like to make awesome calls! The formula to ask and obtain (multiple) vertical referrals from each client.
  • How to love prospecting (cold calling) AND making new friends. Become a professional friend finder!
  • How to leave a lasting impression and create an emotional bond (objection handling).
  • How to win the appointment when facing traditional objections using influence techniques.
  • How to grow your database, who to call? Where to meet potential clients?   How to strategically build new business.
  • How to write your own scripts using power words + enhanced marketing strategies.
  • Words to avoid (Understand how sales people talk prospects OUT of an appointment).
  • How to create and organize your CRM for sales follow-up strategies (Systems). No contact left behind strategy.
  • Group “Call Time” Practice makes permanent (Doing the right thing at the right time) each sales person makes prospecting calls as Coach observes.

Day #2  

  • Time management – Time is emotional not logical. How to master your time & stay organized.
  • Accountability – How to keep and maintain sales metrics ~Create momentum and design your own scorecard!
  • Daily Must-Learn how to continuously fill your pipeline – Build momentum.
  • Economy-proof your business – How to incorporate daily discipline & manage your energy cycles.
  • How to manage your contacts on all of your devices for optimal efficiency.
  • Learn how to become a “Doctor of Selling” Avoid the 7 deadly sins.
  • How to get your phone to ring and control the conversation.
  • How to sell instead of being sold (How to sell yourself on doing “money Producing activity”).
  • Group “Call Time” How to create the flow of 10 dials per 30 minutes.
  • How to get past the gatekeeper.
  • Sales phrases that Work and increase your odds of ensuring appointments stick.
  • What is outstanding marketing & branding? How to be seen as a professional rather than a commodity.
  • Create a selling strategy for 6 months! Decide the size of your paycheck.
  • The 4-Step Questioning process – Learn to ask effective questions to lead a prospect to buying.
  • Closing techniques – How to lead prospects to making a decision to buy faster
  • Group “Call Time” Each team member makes calls (for each type of call) as coach observes.

Coaching Session Investment:

Minimum 3 people, maximum 6 people per class

Result: Create your own sales/Operations (best practices manual)

Call to Register as an individual or company class – 704-247-8333 or email:


“I’ve been in the mortgage business for the past 12 years but my loan volume for the first two months of 2016 was only $375K.   In the last 6-weeks since her class, I made 164 dials got 17 referrals and set 17 appointments and locked $1.8 million in loan volume!  Needless to say, her class proved to be the key to turning my business around.”
-Brady Drummond-Ryan Atlantic Bay Mortgage

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